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To face today’s challenges managers need to be equipped with the necessary skillset and management tools to get the best out of their teams.

Increasingly demanding customers, pressure for cost/income improvement, increased need for risk management, need for optimization of workload balancing, need for increased operational control and transparency,… These challenges require the right management style to get the best out of your team. 

What makes a great manager? A lot depends on a person’s leadership style. Do you know what style suits you best? It requires some practice... Gaining insight into the different styles that you already master and which styles you prefer, are a crucial step in the learning process. One thing is certain: whoever professionalises his management skills, techniques and behaviour improves the performance and profitability of his company.

Everything starts with a screening of the current leadership and management skills for which we use various techniques such as leadership checklist based interviews, observation of team meetings and workshops. This results in a comprehensive map of the strengths and weaknesses from which we derive a tailor made leadership improvement plan which  includes 3 main pillars:

  • Individual skills: our leadership trainings, assessments and coaching workshops  are aimed at improving both hard and soft skills of operations team-leaders.
  • Team dynamics: great people do not equal a great team. Improving team dynamics requires trust, accountability and result orientation within the team. Your team develops common goals and values in one of our  team vision workshops.
  • Management tools: to make the most out of your newly acquired skills, we provide you with a management toolkit, adjusted and adapted to the particular needs of your team.