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Part of KBC Insurance's service offerings are group life insurances. Typically, these group life insurances require a lot of maintenance due to the regularly changing conditions of the affiliates. Therefor it is important for the back office organisation and related business processes to be efficient and effective. 

Business objectives

The main objective of the GOLF project was to optimise the general workings of the Assurance Life Group in the following four domains:

  • Work organisation
  • Processes
  • Quality and performance control
  • Knowledge building


The general work organisation was analysed by implementing capacity management and other planning tools. 

For optimising the business processes, the different back office processes were mapped and analysed via scan workshops, with the aim of detecting and prioritising all the pain points. These processes were then optimised and standardised together with the process managers to avoid different methods of operation. Afterwards, a multidisciplinary team validated the processes, taking into account different dependencies. To make sure the renewed processes were known throughout the organisation, the necessary training was provided. If necessary, business analysis activities (defining business requirements) were also provided for the elaboration of tactical IT solutions such as Robotic Process Automation. 

In order to have the quality improvements structurally land in the organisation, proactive and reactive checks were set up. KPIs were determined to support a continuous improvement mindset. 

Through setting up different training roadmaps, the teamleads were coached to optimise knowledge management within the back office teams. 

In the aftercare phase, the consultants' roles were reduced from more steering to more supporting roles as to make process management and the associated roles and responsibilities a part of the standing organisation. 

BDO Ideas at Work consultants took on different roles within the project: 

  • Project manager: setting up an optimisation approach, following up plannings,...
  • Process consultant: applying Business Process Improvement techniques, facilitating workshops, defining process KPIs,...
  • Change manager: supporting implementation by setting up a communication plan, organising aftercare,...
Approach KBC Insurance - installing operational excellence


Documenting and defining Standard Operating Procedures helped increase the quality and efficiency of the back offices processes. Thanks to this, customers receive their invoices on time. The proactive system-driven "safety nets" that were set up also prevented potential mistakes when executing the processes. 

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