How do we centralise our teams to optimise roles and collaboration?
How do we create a way-of-working that supports a good work-life balance for our current and future employees?


To stay competitive in a challenging financial market, AXA Bank wanted to shape itself as a lean organization and as an attractive employer for talent.

The main building blocks of the FAST* program were

  • the people;
  • the overall team spirit;
  • the current way of doing business that is in support of the local, independent agencies, and the end customer;
  • a newly revamped HQ.

* FAST = Fair Achievement (and Trust), Simple and Transparent

Business objectives

The two main objectives of the FAST program were to 

Improve people satisfaction, by

  • Improving collaboration within and between teams
  • Introducing flex work

Operate more economically, by

  • Centralising all AXA Bank employees at the headquarters in Berchem
  • Integrating these merging opportunities to improve business 
  • Working paperless
  • Digitalising business to facilitate the FAST way of working


Throughout the entire transformation, BDO Ideas at Work was responsible for managing change. True to our values, this was accomplished in a highly collaborative way, with a pragmatic and hands-on approach.

After mapping out the “employee journey” per team as to better understand their requirements, individual change plans were created. These were then consolidated in one overall transformation plan, taking into account the bricks, the bytes and the legal aspects (HR regulations, union negotiations, changes to contract addenda…). 

Throughout the preparation, implementation and aftercare of the moments of truth that influenced the employees (working paperless, telework, move into the new HQ), a tailored blended learning track was set up to meet each team’s needs. Next to that, approaches on team support, follow-up of digitalization, and feedback culture were defined to make the changes part of the business as usual. 

BDO Ideas at Work performed different roles throughout the project’s subsequent phases, as an integrator of the different aspects of the project.

case_axa_connecting the dots


After deciding on the FAST vision in November, two pilots were launched and evaluated. The project’s first kick-offs were held in January, and most objectives were reached by the end of November: 


  • By March, the FAST way of working was implemented through business cocreation;
  • By June, 80% of all employees were equipped/trained for paperless flex work and the move to Berchem; 
  • As from September, 60% of the employees work at home during 1 or 2 days a week;
  • The wellbeing factor was raised by 2 points.


  • By June, 80% of the 700 employees were working together in the headquarters located in Berchem;
  • The headquarters is fully adapted to a flex desk environment allowing employees to work at home or in flex locations;
  • Productivity in certain teams increased with 5% because of easier commuting;
  • Stored paper and the amount of cabinets were reduced by 75%;
  • Parking space shortage was eliminated.

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